Kai Farms is an intentional permaculture community working in collaboration with Nature and UN to co create a prosperous sustainable future which is necessary for the regeneration and evolution of our planet. For this we benchmarked our goals with the global SDG’s of the UN.


Imagine a world green and clean

Imagine a world where collectively we share, and individually we dare

Imagine a world with no poverty, no hunger, and equality

Imagine a world with healthy nutritious food for all

Imagine a world of responsible consumption and production

Imagine a world with green education, green innovations

Imagine a world with bio infrastructure, carbon neutral transportation, and sustainable cities 

Imagine a world with healed climate, healthy land, clean water and safe sanitation

Imagine a world with diverse regenerating eco systems

Imagine a world of global cooperation, social justice and green peace


This is world that can be, this is the sustainable world that Kai Farms and UN is collectively acting to achieve by 2030.


Kai Farms in every grain of soil is working in harmony with nature, economy and society to intuit and innovate sustainable solutions for a healed, whole and green world where there is

Care for the people

Care for the planet

Fair share for all


At Kai Farms we act


To be aware and mindful

To love and protect mother earth

To grow and eat nutritious organic food

To reclaim our green future

To use all resource consciously

To find balance and harmony in the flow of nature

To align ourselves in the flow of nature and not vice versa

To sense all of life as a whole

To understand and respect the patterns of interconnectivity

To regenerate all life with love and light

To embody and share joyful wellness and happy freedom


And these acts for us represents 


A Sustainable Human- a prerequisite for a sustainable world. 


Sustainable humans who regard as sacred


Human to human relationships

Human to Nature relationship

Human to Divine relationship


It is this self-sustaining human who has the potential and the power to create caring sustainable solutions for global happiness, health and harmony.


Join us to become sustainable humans who collaboratively shoot for sustainable skies!

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