Fresh Tumeric Tea Recipe

Recipe for Fresh Turmeric Tea


Take a small piece of turmeric. Grate. Add boiling water to the grated fresh turmeric. For one pot of water, add one teaspoon of raw honey. Add one teaspoon Virgin Coconut Oil. The VCO acts as a catalyst for the turmeric to be better absorbed by the body.


Turmeric has not only matched, but outperformed modern medicine in many areas. It is rich in anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants, is good for cleansing the liver, treating arthritis, protecting the heart, boosting moods, supporting the brain, and preventing cancer, among many other benefits. 


A note of caution that pregnant women, haemophiliacs, patients with gallbladder issues, people on hypertension medication or blood thinners should consult their doctors before taking turmeric in large amounts.

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