Kai Farms welcomes The Laren School

Kai Farms welcomes The Laren School to our 'Edible Green Education' farm tour.


This farm experience is one of our actions for spiraling sustainable solutions ... making life healed, whole and green. 

Today's group of curiously green generation kids were delighted, refreshed, recharged by experiencing and interacting with mother nature, fresh air, peace, fun leaf hunt game , fragrant herb teas, drinking delicious energizing Buko from the shell , eating kayumanggi Organics vegan healing golden mango gelato, seed sowing , tree planting , worm sensation, witnessing permaculture composting and organic food growing systems, nutrition and climate change conversations 🍃🍃🍃


We invite and encourage other educational institutions , students and teachers to collaborate with us on this journey of spreading collective green happiness, wholeness, love for nature ... working for and with Nature ... doing acts of green goodness!


Go to this link to watch the video clip https://web.facebook.com/kaifarmsph/videos/1461259307239908/ or just follow us at https://web.facebook.com/kaifarmsph/


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