Talbos ng Kamote

Talbos ng Kamote

Talbos ng Kamote


Kamote Tops, Sweet Potato Leaves



That low maintenance friend who always has your back



Talbos ng Kamote is a familiar favorite for many Filipinos. It grows year-round and doesn't require too much to stay alive, but still manages to pack a nutritional punch. Studies have shown that the plant has anti-diabetic compounds that lower blood glucose content, making it the perfect addition to a Pinoy diet (which is usually high in sugar because we love our sweets). Rich in Vitamins B and C, the leaves also contain antioxidants and antimutagenic compounds that reduce the rate of mutation of cancer cells.

The presence of Vitamin K is what really makes them little veggie powerhouses though. By activating anti-coagulation proteins, Vitamin K helps you heal faster from cuts, bruises, and blood clotting problems, regulate blood flow, stabilize blood pressure, and maintain calcium in your bones. Finally, Talbos ng Kamote is known to increase your platelet count. When my daughter was diagnosed with Dengue Fever a few years ago, Talbos tea really supported her recovery and helped get her platelet count up to a more normal level. 



Talbos ng Kamote tea is the perfect immune boost, but we also love our leaves sauteed for warm salads or blanched for chilled ones.