Waterleaf, Philippine Spinach



The underdog



Talinum is one of the most versatile, delicious, and underrated vegetables out there. It's referred to as Waterleaf because of its high moisture content (about 90.8gm per 100 gm of the leaf). The plant itself is incredibly resilient and can grow both indoors and outdoors. A tastier and more nutritious alternative to lettuce, Talinum is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Omega 3s, calcium, magnesium, potassium, B-carotene, proteins, and dietary fiber.

Love your cocktails? We do too! Studies show that Talinum is great for supporting liver health. It lowers the concentration of ALT enzymes in the blood and organ, which are usually higher in smokers, people who drink excessively, and those who are overweight. Maintaining normal levels of ALT is essential to having a healthy and happy liver, which effectively filters out harmful substances from your blood, processes what you eat into energy, and helps you digest nutrients. 



At home, we put Talinum in virtually everything. It's a delicious base for salads, sauces, and stews. You can also blend it into vegetable soups or smoothies, add it to monggo and rice dishes, or even use it as a topping on pizzas!